An underperforming frac pump can kill your productivity without you even realizing it, and refurbishing equipment can be a major headache. There are a number of considerations that play into each project, many of which might be completely unheard of to a client. However, it is crucial that all equipment be updated to the levels of standardization that fit within our industry’s best practice, and Grizzly has been at the forefront of getting clients back on track. We will provide you with a comprehensive inspection of your equipment, a diagnosis of major issues, an action plan, and reassurance that when the job is done you won’t have to worry.

Our refurbishing practices have been fine-tuned to deliver quality, customer satisfaction and results that keep clients up and running. We provide refurbishment services to frac pumps, hydration units, blenders, and data vans, just to name a few. And no matter the extent of the job—whether it’s a minimal functionality refurb or an entirely “like new” refurb—we are committed to our core value of customer satisfaction through exceptional work.

Don’t assume everything is performing smoothly, find out before too much time and money are spent. See below for our refurb packages and call Grizzly today..

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