Grizzly Manufacturing is excited to announce the field deployment of their EnviroFrac™ platform in partnership with an industry-leading, US-based completions service company. EnviroFrac™ is an electric frac platform, designed in conjunction with Sewart Supply, that offers 100% electric, 3,000 hhp frac pumps, next generation style electric blenders, custom-engineered switchgears, data vans, and cable management trailers.

We at Grizzly and our trial partner couldn’t be more pleased with the field deployment of EnviroFrac™ powered by public utility power as the market appetite for electric frac continues to be strong for our partners and customers. The EnviroFrac™ 100% electric, 3,000 HHP pump has consistently, and safely delivered up to 14 barrels per minute for our customer at pressures that have exceeded 9,000 psi with no major failures. The desire to leverage the fuel savings, automation, ESG benefits, and safety benefits offered by the EnviroFrac™ platform is at an all-time high. We’re incredibly appreciative of our partners in this field trial to further prove our innovation is cutting edge and we continue to support our 8-month delivery schedule” says Grizzly President, Chris Combs.

Grizzly is proud to share that EnviroFrac™ has pumped in excess of 300 hours on the test stand with our proprietary innovation platform and in excess of 450 hours in the US market with no major failures. Grizzly Manufacturing is an industry leading manufacturer with focus on oil and gas service assets and industrial assets for service, refurbishment, fuel conversions, and electric fracturing assets.