Borrowing from the title of a popular book, at Grizzly “it’s not about what we sell, it’s about what we stand for.” While we are most definitely in business to provide the highest quality services of their kind at competitive prices, making a fair profit in the process, our whole team is first and foremost obsessed with making a material difference for the organizations we serve and the folks who work there. Ultimately, our customers’ success and safety pave the road to sustainable success and profitability for Grizzly. It’s a simple equation that is all too easily missed when the primary focal point is profitability rather than purpose.

In pursuit of our purpose, Grizzly strives to stay on top of technology and process innovations and to provide creative ways to make those innovations more accessible, affordable, and productive. Combine that knowledge and passion with our blue-collar roots, ethos of accountability, and creativity and you get innovation that actually works for you in your environment.

From time to time, we will be publishing blog series which feature services and technologies that are especially relevant and warrant a deeper dive and broader coverage of the subject as well as Grizzly’s unique methods and qualifications for delivering them. We will also focus on practical aspects of those innovations including where they’re a good fit as well as where they might not be. Given our purpose-driven culture around customer results, we want to make sure that the solutions we deliver meet your needs and are the optimal solution for the application rather than a solution that generates the maximum revenue and profitability for Grizzly. Not only does that kind of thinking run counter to our personal and organizational values, but it’s also a recipe for short-term “wins” at the expense of long-term success.

We hope you’ll enjoy these series and the topics they cover as much as we do bringing them to you. It’s also our hope that, being armed with facts about current and emerging technologies, you will be better able to identify where those tools might be applicable in your environment – today and down the road. Additionally, knowing what Grizzly’s capabilities and unique strengths are relative to those technologies, you will be better positioned to decide when reaching out to Grizzly to discuss partnering makes good sense.

One thing that we genuinely love to do is to sit down and talk through our customers’ and future customers’ current environments and future state plans and collaboratively think through what a Grizzly partnership might be able to do for them. So please don’t ever hesitate to reach out to us.

Introducing the Inaugural Grizzly Blog Series: Electrification

With the current instability of fuel prices adding to the already complex mix of economic, competitive and regulatory forces, alternatively fueled frac has become increasingly relevant. Further, a number of those factors currently in play are diminishing the upfront cost of electrification as a perceived barrier to adoption. All of this combined with the alternative’s wide range of operational, environmental and economic benefits has resulted in electrification warranting renewed consideration as a viable and timely option.

  • The benefits of electrified frac systems are plenty and multifaceted. These include:
  • Cost Savings: Fuel related cost savings of up to 85% are available with the use of on-site field gas as turbine fuel source.
  • Clean: Reduction in CO2 emissions by up to 75% when compared with diesel and flaring gas which would otherwise fuel electrification
  • Increased Uptime: Turbines can be operated for up to 30,000 hours until a first “hot section” overhaul is required.
  • Reliability: Substantially fewer moving parts with longer mean times to failure results in lower cost and extended up times relative to traditional engines and transmissions.
  • Less Equipment: Increased performance can result in a reduction of pumping units required on site by more than 50%.
  • Fewer Personnel: Physical layout of equipment can reduce the number of personnel required on site during rig-up and rig-down by more than 50%.
  • Less Noise: Massive reduction in noise (up to 95%) enables use in densely populated areas. The reduction in noise is so great that, in many cases, on/off indicator lights are installed on pumps to indicate if the pump is in operation.
  • Enhanced Safety: Improved remote operation capabilities enhance operator safety – moving personnel away from hazardous operating conditions.

In our inaugural series, Grizzly will address a range of electrification related subjects spanning everything from what to consider on the front end to what to look for in terms of service and support to keep your deployed systems up and operating at optimal performance.

Be on the lookout for six informative installments over the coming months covering the following aspects of electrification:

Things to consider when contemplating electrification

  • Cost Savings
  • Service Savings
  • Fluids
  • Designing your electrification solutions
  • Support and services

Why Partner with Grizzly?

We could simply say that it’s because we provide superior service, creative solutions, flexible delivery and payment terms, fast turnaround, and can deliver at scale while remaining nimble. All of those things would be true. But those things are only true because of our people. The individuals that make up the Grizzly team are the source of the capabilities and the attitude that together defines Grizzly and makes us an ideal partner.

Grizzly has been a state of mind and growing culture for the last five years – bringing on board like-minded, talented team members with the grit, real-world experience, and the shared values that result in a partner you can trust. It’s a team and culture that’s weathered the recent ups and downs of the market and come out scrappier, more creative, and more resilient on the other side.

Kirk French, Grizzly Co-Founder – Kirk is a 15-year veteran in the oilfield. He has spent a majority of those years in the trenches of the frac market.

CJ Fowler and Stephen Berkman, General Managers – CJ and Stephen have over 50 years management and oilfield experience combined.

DJ Freres, Project Manager – One of our first employees, DJ, has definitely seen the peaks and valleys of the Frac market. DJ has been working on equipment since his very early 20s and currently project manages for Grizzly. His strengths are his ability to quickly hone in on the source of issues, identify needed repairs, and follow up for efficient execution.

Jody Jett, Purchasing – Jody is also a seasoned veteran of the frac market. Jody spent a number of years at a competitor, but she’s made a real difference at Grizzly with her experience in purchasing ensuring that components and materials are available in a timely manner – even in a market fraught with supply chain issues.

Mike Macintosh, Engineering Team Lead – Mike is a 30 year plus year veteran of the engineering world. He leads our young team of engineers and designers.

Joel Morris, VP of Sales – After years spent at caterpillar and mustang cat, he is leading a team of two veteran salesmen, Steve Monogue and Joey Bernal.

Joey Bernal, Sales – Joey is a veteran of the fabrication world and is bringing new and exciting opportunities to expand Grizzly capabilities and services beyond frac.

Steve Monogue, Sales – Steve is a wily veteran of the frac world. He brings operational, technical and sales experience to the team.