For a long time, we’ve felt the refurb industry needed an overhaul, no pun intended. It was too easy to get lost in the refurb, fabrication, and manufacturing process, so we decided to approach things with a different mindset.

We decided Grizzly would be a full-service company that would confront the refurb, fabrication, and manufacturing chaos head-on. We knew that by providing a complete and individualized experience, while focusing on customer service, we would quickly overtake the competition.

So together, we combined our decades of industry experience and created Grizzly Manufacturing. Now, nearly fourteen months later, we’re proud to publish our very first Grizzly year in review.

Key Takeaways From Our First Year

We’ve been extremely successful, and have quickly grown to become a serious player in the marketplace. We’re proud to pat our 60+ team members on the back and congratulate them for completing over 20+ entire frame-off refurbs on tier 2 frac pumps.

We’re also extremely excited about the design and creation of our very own Grizzly frac pump. Our pump is engineered and built to withstand the merciless conditions and demands of any oilfield, and allowing us to help our clients achieve their budgeting goals.

Rapid expansion

As a self-funded start-up, we took every opportunity we could to reinvest into our work and our clients. By the end of our first year, we moved from our one-bay workshop that was loaned to us by a friend, into four acres and a 32,000 sqft shop that currently houses four 20-ton cranes, a fabrication shop, and a full electrical cable manufacturing facility.

And we’re STILL not done!

Streamlined Customer Service

We’ve built our own online software platform for real-time monitoring of each refurb. As units come into our shop, we use our software to thoroughly document the process, uploading images and descriptions of everything we see. The client can log into the system to see each item and select whether or not they would like us to do the work on each piece of equipment. They’re also able to see the progress-checkpoints from the beginning through delivery.

This platform allows 100% transparency to our clients, practically eliminating the disorganization that has been prevalent in the industry. Through our system and our software, we’re able to organize the process of refurbing. Our customers become an integral part of this process due to the transparency allowed by our platform. Being able to see and be involved in every step of the process gives our clients peace of mind and allows us to ensure their satisfaction. A huge benefit of our system is reduced turn time and fewer mistakes. We’re breaking the industry and refurbing it the Grizzly way.

To better respond to our customers when they need us most, we’ve added field service teams of two dedicated trucks, two mechanics, and two lead techs who are always ready at a moment’s notice.

Momentum into Year Two

With all of our systems in place, we’re very poised to take over the refurb and manufacturing market, all within our first fourteen months of operations. Because of our first-year impact, we’ve already scheduled 70 more refurbs before our second year even gets rolling.

Although the market has slowed recently, oil production will rise again. This means the U.S. fracking industry will continue to be the largest in the world for the foreseeable future. While many of our biggest competitors used the downturn for planning and restructuring, we’ve become nimble and ready to respond to the market at a moment’s notice.

Due to our growth, we’ll be expanding our square footage. We’ve committed to a second location next door, which means we’ll be adding another 32,000 square feet with 16 bays to accommodate the increase in materials. We’re essentially doubling in size!

Our Commitment

Fourteen months ago, we made three promises to our clients and to ourselves:

  1. Client satisfaction is our #1 goal.
  2. We’ll always seek integrity in all we do.
  3. To us, superior is the bare minimum.

We’ve kept these promises throughout our first year and our integrity has greatly rewarded us.

With a promising market just over the horizon, we’re hopeful, excited, perfectly poised and committed to crushing our 2nd-year goals. We’ve come a long way in a short time and we see huge potential moving forward. We’d like to thank our customers and our team for making our first year the best it could be!

Grizzly was founded on the principle that we’re a service company first! We pride ourselves in having the top technical expertise and the service to back it. We’re always pushing to improve our process to match our client’s needs. For more information on Grizzly Manufacturing, message us here or call us at 888.318.4749.