It’s been a tough spring and summer for oil and gas. Our industry knows how to weather booms and busts, but the OPEC and COVID-19 crises have tested us like never before. But now, as we work our way through August, there are finally some good signs on the horizon. Oil prices are slowly edging upward. Oilfield service companies are embracing digital technologies that iron out some of the kinks in remote work. And at Grizzly, more customers are asking us to help them get their units back up and running.

As you enter Q4, we’re here to help you reactivate your fleets so that your team can get back to what you do best. Here’s how we’re helping oilfield services companies prepare for the upswing ahead.

Preparing oilfield services to meet growing demand

In oil and gas, every second of downtime is money down the drain. That’s why maintenance schedules are so important—and why the coronavirus lockdown was so detrimental to oil and gas fleets. In the coronavirus era, refurbishing isn’t simply about updating equipment to meet industry best practices. There’s also the significant task of righting any wrongs that occurred due to a lack of otherwise routine maintenance. As oilfield services companies prepare to bring their equipment back online—and look ahead to the return of increased demand—their assets need extra attention to hit peak performance.

Grizzly knows equipment refurbishment. We’ve seen how underperforming frac pumps kill productivity, and we leverage our experience to help oilfield services companies prepare their fleets for the growing demand that’s right around the corner. From the moment we receive your equipment to the final testing, we leave no stone unturned to make sure that your fleets are in prime shape for re-activation. Although we’re known for frac pumps, we also refurb blenders, data vans, hydration equipment, cementers, waste management equipment and more. We get every refurb project done right the first time. Why does that matter? With Grizzly, you can be confident that your fleet is ready to hit the ground running as demand grows.

Increasing our equipment refurb capacity

As we help oilfield services companies prepare for what’s next, we’re also using this time to boost our bandwidth. By growing our capacity, Grizzly can service more trucks and, in turn, quickly provide the equipment refurb solutions our customers need to get back to peak performance. Our Waller, Texas facility is equipped to deliver everything from simple fluid engine inspections and repairs to re-hosing, component swings and even zero hour rebuilds. Our team is guided by decades of “boots on the ground” experience.

Working with tight budgets

Given the impact of OPEC on supply and demand, and the continued drop in COVID-19 era travel, it’s no surprise that oil and gas companies must maximize every dollar. Capex projects are being postponed. (A recent McKinsey study found that oil and gas companies moved quickly to slash capex anywhere from 10% to 80% following the emergence of COVID-19.) Meanwhile, oilfield services companies are also eyeing opex for every possible efficiency.

When Grizzly takes on an equipment refurb project, the customer’s needs and budget always dictate the scope of our work. If budget is a constraint, we work with our customers to determine the best use of their money, then, we deliver high-quality work on-time and within budget. Our small size gives us the agility, and flexibility, to deliver more for less—even in tough market dynamics.

Looking ahead to Q4 and 2021

As we enter Q4, the industry is slowly but surely emerging from some of the chaos of 2020. Around the Grizzly workshop, our energy is high. We’re seeing more oilfield services teams preparing for an upturn that we all know will come, and we are excited to be the refurb team that they trust to get their assets back to peak performance.

Want to discuss your equipment’s needs or schedule an assessment and consultation? Drop us a line so that we can help you prepare for increased demand.